Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Foto Friends #90

Deb (Breathing in Grace) mentioned that Foto Friends has been on for 90 weeks. I haven't been in on the fun that long, but I sure do enjoy my time here. Without further delay.... I might have over done it on the photos this week, but you will learn why.

 St. Croix River overflow. 
 There is a lot of water in the overflow for mid summer.
 It is haying time for the farmers. Hard work for them when it has been so blasted hot.
I know they don't do this for me to enjoy. However, haying season brings back good memories. As a teen friends and myself would go into the field and throw the square bales onto the truck. We got paid in gasoline for the car and cigarettes. 
My latest creation. HOH yesterday. This was way, way out of my comfort zone. I made stitches that I have never heard of. I ripped out more times than I can count. And, I think everyday I was thinking of hanging it up. I persevered and finished. I am so glad I did. Just ignore the cat. She thought I had placed it on the floor for her morning nap.
The pattern was the 6 blocks of three different patterns. I wanted to show you the individual patterns.
 The one above is almost entirely of puff stitches. It started out round.

 This one is really just crocheting, but stitching over and under previous stitches. 
 This one took the longest and gave me the most grief. But, it is my favorite. It started round and after the sunburst was made it got squared up.


  1. Trudy, you're very creative! Those are beautiful. And the pictures of the river are so pretty. Everything is so lush and green.
    (P.s. When I clicked on your link, it took me to last week's Friday Foto Friends.)

    1. I don't know how to join the meme correctly. I am always just hoping to do it and end up where I want to be. LOL. Which never works. I don;t understand instructions very well. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh, the throw is so pretty... I love to crochet, too. You're scenery fotos are beautiful. As for the 90 weeks... You can be around for the next 90!😊Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Deb. I am now using the leftover yarn for a baby blanket. It is just that soft. I do hope to be here for the next 90 weeks.

  3. You have done it very well. I love the different colors and the nice stitches. When I was young I also throw the square bales onto the truck. That was great.

  4. Thank you Aritha. The throw is the most difficult item I have ever made. Good memories of hay, right? Thanks for stopping by.