Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Everyday Ruralty May 7, 2014

Everyday Ruralty 


  1. Do you like beans? (the dried bean variety) What do you like them in? Dried beans are a staple in my house. I don't usually use them dried though, I usually buy the dried kind already canned. As in chili beans. However, I do make lots of lentil soup and navy bean soup from dried beans.
  2. Does your house have enough storage?  Storage? What is that? I have 1 clothes closet. But, I do have a nice size closet for food related things. 
  3. Do you have any childhood memories of a store? I have a couple actually. One is of a bar. When I was little my uncle would come over on Saturday mornings and take me uptown with him to the local 3.2 beer joint. I remember sitting on the bar, drinking grape pop, eating Three Muskateer bars,and playing the bowling machine. I treasure that memory of my uncle.  The other of a store was our local Ben Franklin. We would go there for our penny candy that was actually a penny. Sometimes 2 for a penny. We got bubble gum cigars, minty cigarettes, licorice whips, gum. Oh just all kinds of things. This might have contributed to my sweet tooth.
  4. Do you ever shop at a farmers market? I love the farmer's market! I go as often as I can. I always stop at road side stands too. Nothing could possible fresher than right from the garden.
  5. Do you still have your wisdom teeth?Are you wise? :) :) :) No I do not have my wisdom teeth. I had 3 removed in my 20s and was told that  it was most likely  the forth would not come in. In my 40s I went to the dentist with a tooth ache. It was a an abscessed wisdom tooth! It was pulled then.