Making :  Crocheting a market bag
Cooking :  Stuffed Pepper soup for dinner
Drinking :  My morning coffee
Reading:  "One Thousand Porches", by Julie Dewey. It is a wonderful book about the ravages of tuberculous. It is a novel, but reads almost like nonfiction.
Wanting:  Spring!
Looking:  For a missing seed catalog. I put it somewhere easy to find. Do you have those places?
Playing: With the cats
Deciding:  Trying to decide what should be my plan for the day. Movie watching and crochet or doing laundry.
Wishing:  To turn the heat up. It seems cold in the house this morning.
Enjoying: Looking at the Christmas village. There is so much snow I can't get to the shed to get the boxes for the pieces so I have left it up.
Waiting: For Spring!
Liking: The new lotion I bought at Big Lots. It is from St. Ives. Creamy, non greasy, and unscented. It really soaks in to relieve the dry skin on my arms. I keep it next to my chair so I can put it on several times a day.
Wondering: How they can be predicting 4 inches of snow today when the sun is shining to prettily.
Loving: My husband and son.
Pondering: Getting another kitty. More is better right?
Considering:  When it will warm up
Watching:  The birds flitting around the feeders
Hoping: To go to the city next month. My son's 30th birthday is the 30th of March. I want to go down to spend sometime with him, and visit with friends. I will stay about 4 or 5 days.
Marveling:  That my house might look better if a bull dozer came in and knocked everything down. I have a mess to clean up.
Needing:  More sleep
Smelling: Freshly made coffee
Wearing: Sweat pants, a fleece shirt, warm socks, and slippers
Following:  Trying to follow the life that God has set before me.
Noticing:  How after one day of exercise I hurt a whole lot.
Knowing:  That today the exercise won't be as easy to do.
Thinking:   Kitty might join me here.
Feeling:  Feeling her jump onto my lap
Admiring:  I admire my 90 year old aunt. She continually amazes me. She is like the battery rabbit and just keeps on going. A bit slower yes, but going anyhow.
Sorting:  Clothes. Keep, Thrift, Trash. Following the 3 second rule.
Buying: A new camera! Yea!
Getting:  Impatient for warmer weather
Bookmarking:  The camera web site
Disliking:  The evil in the world
Opening:  My mind to new ideas, emotions, and feelings.
Giggling:  With BF. She was trying to tell me something and was laughing so hard she couldn't get the words out. I started to laugh too. Here we are on long distance laughing so hard we cried.
Feeling:  Cold and tired.
Snacking:  On Cheetoes. Oh my! What a guilty pleasure.
Coveting:  I try very hard not to do this.
Wishing:  I had a cigarette. I quit March 7, 2013 after being diagnosed with COPD. Forty-four years of smoking caught up with me.
Helping:  Myself to a breakfast bar
Hearing:  The Oakridge Boys sing "The Old Country Church" on Spotify
This was fun, and thought provoking. I might just do it again.