Wednesday, August 9, 2017

From this Side of the Pond
As busy as I should be right now I am taking time out to join in on the fun with the weekly hodgepodge. The theme this week is Grand. As in grandbabies.

1. Do you try to set rules for yourself about how you use your time? Explain.
I used to have only a "routine" for my daily chores. It seemed I was always behind. I developed a rigid schedule for myself. That didn't work. Just yesterday, I began 
yet another way to get things done. I made a list of things I needed to accomplish this week. Then I put the days of the week on separate pages of my notebook. I assigned the jobs to the days. Yesterday I was able to cross off most things. This morning I transferred the undone things to today's list and noted them with a star. I will repeat the process each morning. I hope by the end of the week to not have to transfer anything. With that in mind I left Friday blank. I need some sort of routine or schedule or whatever you want to call it, because without it I would crochet all day and never see the messes pile up.
2. Monday was National Lighthouse Day. Have you ever visited a lighthouse? If not, do you have any desire to see one up close? Of the 10 Most Beautiful that made this list which would you most like to see in person-
I have been to a lighthouse. Splitrock Lighthouse on Lake Superior.
You can read about it here:\   OR

It was someplace I really wanted to see inside. However, when I got inside and saw the type of steps I would have needed to climb, I waited outside. I am terrified of open stairs, you know the kind that you can see through? Terrified of heights.
Lindau Lighthouse (Germany), Fanad Lighthouse (Ireland), Portland Head Light (Maine), Yaquina Bay Light (Oregon) The St. Augustine Light (Florida), Peggys Point Lighthouse (Canada), Start Point Lighthouse (England), Tower of Hercules (Spain), Bass Harbor Head Station (Maine), and White Shoal Light (Michigan)
I have never been to any of these lighthouses. If I were to get a chance I would see the 2 in Maine. Maine is on my short list of places to visit.

When you've been away, what's your 'lighthouse' telling you you're on the right road home?
 When I am away from home for any length of time, and it is time for me to return home my feelings are ambivalent.  First, I know that I MUST go home. Second, I don't want to go home. Being away is like living in a fantasy world. No stresses. No decisions to make. Just relaxation and fun. Total fantasy. 

3. What have you unintentionally stopped doing? Is this something you need to pick back up and begin again, or is it something you need to let go of for now (or even permanently)?
When my computer was down I just the Kindle to go online with. Using the Kindle to go to Facebook was a lot of hassle.  I stopped going. I only go now to see if friends/family have updated things I should know about. I am there less than 5 minutes compared to the hours I spent there before. I am guessing that I will keep it just this way. FB can really be a time sucker.
Another place online I used to spend a lot of time is the auction site for Goodwill. There are bargains galore, but again a time sucker. 
4. We've had a full week of August. Share a GRAND moment from your month so far.
My BF's dad is coming into Minneapolis this month. I always like to go into the city to see and visit with him and get some Dad love. No one could decide where or when to have a family picnic (yes I am considered family).  At a lake? At a park? On a Saturday? On a Sunday?There is now a date  and a place for the get together which is Grand for me. I can make my plans for my getaway.

5. Tell us one song you love with the word 'baby' in the title.
I sang this song to my son almost every night. It was one of his most requested. Not because of my unlovely voice. "Hush Little Baby". Sometimes when I can't sleep I sing it to myself.

Hush, little baby, don't say a word,
Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird.

And if that mockingbird don't sing,
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring.

And if that diamond ring turns brass,
Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass.

And if that looking glass is broke,
Mama's gonna buy you a billy goat,

And if that billy goat won't pull,
Mama's gonna buy you a cart and a bull.

And if that cart and bull turn over,
Mama's gonna buy you a dog named Rover.

And if that dog named Rover won't bark,
Mama's gonna buy you a horse and a cart.

And if that horse and cart fall down,
You'll still be the sweetest little baby in town.

So hush little baby, don't you cry.
Daddy loves you and so do I.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.
My husband's daughter arrives in 2 weeks from today. The house is a mess, the room where she sleeps I can't see the bed. It has become a catch all sort of room. Irregardless of how I answered question number 1, I can't get motivated to clean. I just don't seem to care. I do know it will all get done, because I will eventually become a whirling dervish (don' cha just love those 2 words? I have to say them again.) I will become a whiling dervish, but even then it won't pass her white glove test. One the positive side of her visit, and there is one, she does all of the cooking and cleaning up afterwards while she is here. She likes to cook for her dad. I feel like I am on vacation not having to plan, cook, and clean up. She will be here 8 days.

I hope I haven't shown you this before. Pardon me if I have. I did a CAL ...crochet along...and this is the final result. I almost gave up many times, because the pattern was so far out of my comfort zone. I am certainly glad I didn't stop.
Excuse Boo in the photo. She thought I had put it on the floor for her comfort.
 There are 6 squares. Three different patterns.
 Each square has it's own color combination.
 I am very pleased with the final result. I am thinking Christmas gifts now. I am going to make this again and again.


  1. Your work is lovely. I'm just the opposite when traveling. I want to come home. And even before the trip, I really don't want to go. I think I've grown tired of the hassle of traveling and am glad we did all ours before we retired. We had wonderful vacations. Maybe having to go back to work made the difference. I agree about Facebook, but I enjoy it. And I didn't know you can get to Facebook on your kindle.

    1. Thank you! I love to crochet.
      There are things here at home I would really rather not deal with, so being away from home is good for me.

  2. Your crochet is beautiful! And keep with that plan in question #1. I sort of do that, too, and it works for me.

    1. Thank you! I really do like to crochet. My plan/list/chore book has been a lifesaver.

  3. Lighthouses with open stairs ... yes, we visited one of those on Prince Edward Island one time. I wanted to go up but only got partway before those stairs were too much for me.

    I used to make a time schedule for each day (and I still think it's a good idea) but right now, for the past couple of months in the season of life I'm in, I've just been making a short list of priority tasks for each day. And, like you, transfer the undone tasks to the next day's list. It's working very well for me.

    Your crocheted squares are so unique and such gorgeous colors too. I love to crochet.

    I'm not on Facebook and don't feel that I'm missing a thing. I have definitely seen how it can be a time-waster for people.

    1. Thank you! Crocheting is a great way to escape for a while. I only go to FB now to check in with family and to stay up to date with them. Five minutes tops.