Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I am joining in on the fun at Everyday Rurality for Chats on the Porch.
As you can see my header is still broken. I need to have my son take a look at it.

Everyday Ruralty

    1. Are you looking forward to fall? I am looking toward fall, but only because it means (hopefully) cooler weather. I do like all the fall colors when the leaves change, and crisp mornings. The fall brings back memories of school days, and piles of leaves burning and hot dogs on sticks.
    2. What are the three best colors for you to wear, and the three worst? My best colors are magenta or bright pink, bright yellow, and royal blue. My worst colors are brown, black, and peach. I look like death in them.
    3. What is your favorite kind of juice? If you are not into juice, you can tell us your favorite flavor of soda, tea, coffee, Tang, mud, etc. My favorite juice used to be grapefruit juice. Now because of medications I can't drink it. I guess my second favorite would be grape juice. My BF cans her own grape juice and it is just the best.
    4. Have you ever been in the hospital (at least an overnight)? You don't need to share the ailment, but tell us what the longest time is. I was in the hospital when my son was born for 10 days. Back then (29 years) they kept you in a long time with a C-section. Six months later I was in the hospital for another 10 days for another surgery. 
    5. Do jingles, songs from ads, and TV or movie themes stick in your head?  Jingles don't stay in my head. I do sing along with the music in a store though. Does that count? Do you find yourself singing them? (This question means that I'm trying to find out if I'm the only crazy person who sings quirky stuff!) My husband is always telling me I am crazy so I doubt you are alone.

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